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Innovation in the medical field:
The success story of B&W and Siemens

Companies in the medical technology sector are constantly faced with the challenge of developing innovative solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective. An outstanding example of such innovations is the collaboration between B&W and Siemens, a leading global technology group – if you have to mention it at all.

Current topics

From the world of medical technology

Our aim was to set new standards in the simulation of combined systems, which are particularly demanding in medical technology, and to exceed expectations.

By using Star CCM+, an advanced simulation software from Siemens, we were able to master the complex requirements. Our innovation in simulating the interaction between fluids and hyperelastic materials, such as the tubes of an infusion pump, is particularly noteworthy. This capability was crucial because the behavior of peristaltic pumps is difficult to predict, especially when coupling structural mechanics and fluid mechanics.

The cooperation and open communication between us and Siemens led to really impressive results. We were able to shorten the development time and at the same time meet the safety and performance requirements of the conveyor system. The simulation also allowed us to make changes in real time, which meant that the design could be adapted and optimized more quickly.

A successful partnership

A key aspect of the project was the verification of the simulation results. By working with a partner who manufactures peristaltic pumps, we were able to compare real data with our simulation, which confirmed the accuracy of our work.

This partnership has not only led to successful project execution, but has also strengthened the relationship between B&W and Siemens. The positive response to our joint work has made us better known in the industry and opened up new opportunities of the cooperation.

Our long-term goal with Siemens is to continue pushing the boundaries in product simulation in order to further strengthen our presence in the industry and deepen our partnership. Yes, we are striving to be a pioneer in the industry! In our view, this collaboration is an example of how digital transformation and innovative tools can enable companies in the medical sector to overcome challenges while using resources more efficiently.


Sven Siefert
Managing Director


Medical technology service

When it comes to turning medical devices into effective supporters, you can rely on the expertise of B&W. We deal with various domains and specialize in developing mechanics, electronics and software for medical technology. We also take care of the professional setup and implementation of tests to ensure the security and efficiency of our solutions.

Research projects

Research projects

With multidisciplinary research teams and the support of heavyweights such as the Fraunhofer Institute, we are setting new standards and driving forward the technologies of tomorrow. Discover how we can strengthen your competitive edge with external sparring and...

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